Waterbed Heater Solid State Thermal Guardian 300W


Waterbed Heater Solid State Thermal Guardian  300W

For Hard side Traditional Waterbeds.

Thermal Guardian heaters feature meticulous construction, innovative technology, unequalled safety, energy efficient designs, accurate temperature readings & adjustments and is the only heater still produced in North America!

  • Waterbed heater Hard side 300 Watt.
  • Meticulous construction, innovative technology & unequalled safety!
  • The industries safest heater pad and control design.
  • Approximately 32 individual comfort settings.
  • Solid state control with light.
  • Fully encased thermostat.
  • Independently replaceable heater pad and control.
  • Let’s your mattress & liner go the distance with even
    heat distribution.
  • Greater accuracy and longer lasting construction than competitors.
  • High-tech analog readout in degrees fahrenheit.
  • We have the longest warranties in the business.
  • High-tech modular design.
  • Senses temperature with sophisticated computer chip.
  • State-of-the-art ultra-sensitive electronic control that holds the temperature to + or – 1/8 degree set point. Insures consistent & accurate temperature sensing and readout.